Five-Maudies: Highly recommended Going to this restaurant was by accident. I’m training in Fayetteville getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan and most of the class goes out to lunch together. None of us have a clue about restaurants here. The lead car was looking for a pizza place and his GPS found it, but was […]

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Well, let’s see if this one gets censored by the Bravo TV facists. I am 0 for 3 so far. Yes, it was good to see Jamie go, but this week, she probably shouldn’t have.  This season that I thought couldn’t get worse, has. First,m they rip off the Food Network’s Next Iron Chef Show […]

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Another great article by my friend Jim Langcuster, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service: The demand for locally grown food has grown so widely and is expressed so passionately that a word has now been invented for it — locavorism. Yet, hunting — or to be more specific, game meat — is seldom associated with it. But […]

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Virgil on January 11, 2011

5-Maudies – highly recommended This place is a serious find, completely off the beaten path about a mile off of Highway 25 a few miles north of Greenwood, South Carolina. The only reason I found out about it is because my National Guard unit just moved from Abbeville to near Hodges and Ware Shoals. I […]

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Virgil on January 9, 2011

I have to admit that I am still watching the All Stars season, as bad as it is, and it got worse with last week’s episode and the elimination of Casey. I have no axe to grind, none of my favorites have been eliminated yet. First thing is that Tony Bourdain, touted as a judge, […]

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Virgil on January 9, 2011

Four-Maudies – recommended This place is close to 5-star for Augusta. Located in a really cool building in downtown Augusta, brick walls, etc. Has a small bar and a few tables, including a couple in what was once a retail store display window platform. It is also one of the few places you can eat […]

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Virgil on January 8, 2011

Two-Maudies – don’t bother This is the kind of place you really want to love, but I just can’t. Great location in downtown Augusta, cool interior and a couple of tables on the sidewalk on Broad, that is nice. Staff are very indifferent at best, not rude, but not friendly. But, what is really strange […]

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Virgil on January 7, 2011

I’ve written many posts about food TV and what I like and dislike about various shows. After a few years of being an avid viewer, I see some disturbing trends. Profit above quality (the American way, why should I be surprised?) Contrived judging in competition shows (maybe it has been biased all along, but at […]

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Three-Maudies – good Best fast food sub place in the Augusta area (there are multiple locations), far superior to Subway and lots of interesting selections. The varied hot sauces are an added attraction. This location is in a strip mall by Walmart, such an area I normally avoid like the plague, but if we want […]

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