Virgil on November 27, 2011

Guar gum On the surface, this is an amusing story, at least it seemed that way when I saw the headline, “Food Industry Blames Fracking for Guar Gum Bubble.” Economically, it is serious and a great demonstration of agriculture’s dual purposes producing crops for both food and non-food use. Currently, the food industry is having issues with […]

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Virgil on November 23, 2011

I made a comment on Facebook as my wife was getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at home that I was soooo looking forward to the Thanksgiving swill we will get at the mess hall here. Not. Yet, on Monday, our little group had a Thanksgiving dinner I was not expecting and it is some of […]

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At least two of the major food groups are represented here, blue cheese and bacon. These are soooo easy to make and taste so good. No matter how many I make, they are always almost instantly gone. So, make a lot. Even the blue cheese haters love these, the flavor profile is unbelievable. I thought […]

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Virgil on November 20, 2011

If you have read my posts about the mess halls in Afghanistan, you will know that the food is horrible, penitentiary inmates get better food and would be suing and winning if they got the swill they serve here. Some FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) actually have restaurants. On FOB Ghazni, we have the Oasis Restaurant, […]

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Virgil on November 7, 2011

On my first helicopter flight in Afghanistan, I saw lines of “craters” running across the landscape seemingly everywhere. I had no idea what they were. They were systematic and obviously manmade. They couldn’t have been bomb craters or exploded improvised explosive devices, I thought. My guess was they had something to do with irrigation. I […]

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