Virgil on January 31, 2012

Click here for this five-Maudie restaurant review. This is a wide view of downtown Kuwait, restaurant is the blue marker (click on image for larger map): Close up view, the restaurant is right across a narrow lane from a Mosque (click on image for larger map):  

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Virgil on January 30, 2012

Five Maudies – Highly Recommended Location: Souk Al Kuwait, I wish I could be more specific, I will try and identify it on a satellite map next time I go there Short story is that I have had the best two meals in Kuwait in this tiny restaurant with only outdoor seating on the edge […]

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Virgil on January 27, 2012

Since we are stuck in Kuwait City waiting on Iraqi visas to get back into Iraq, we have been exploring Kuwait City. Yesterday, we set out to find the National Museum and ended up at the big Fish Souq (souk means market) on the Arabian Gulf in downtown Kuwait City. How we ended up here […]

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Virgil on January 23, 2012

I am on the Le Bernardin email list and just got what I think may be the first email from them. It was a promotion for their “Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2012” tasting menu. Naturally, the 14th is sold out, but there are, at least now, seats available on Feb 11th. I would be there in a […]

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Now, I normally wouldn’t be ordering barbeque from  Hard Rock Cafe. But this one is in Kuwait City. No alcohol or pork, of course, those are illegal here. I did see camel meat in the local Carrefour here though, no joke. From the cuts, you get a lot of meat out of a camel. But […]

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Virgil on January 22, 2012

Well, I said I was going to make Kielbasa ze sloika (Kielbasa in a jar) when I went on R & R. I did, the second day I was home. I think it turned out well. As you can see, I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been travelling and during R & R I […]

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