It is no secret that I don’t like my food being any genetically modified organism (GMO), also called genetically engineered crops and many less flattering names. They are often touted as being environmentally more friendly for farming than conventional seed. I would beg to differ and here is a glaring example of why. The latest […]

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Yesterday, I flew from Baghdad to Basrah, Iraq. One of my favorite things when flying during the day is looking out the window at the landscape below. Landscapes and weather determine how people interact with their environment, including means of livlihood and subsistence, particularly in poorer countries. You can only work with what you have. […]

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Virgil on April 20, 2012

One of the fascinating things about foods is, who the heck first started eating certain plants and animals and who and how were the first cooking recipes created. It is one thing to modify an existing recipe, but starting from absolute scratch, no pun intended? Great chefs invent new recipes all the time, that is […]

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Virgil on April 16, 2012

When I go to Germany, the first two things I look for are currywurst and beer. No one makes either like the Germans. My favorite beer while stationed in Pirmasens in the late 1970s and early 1980s was Parkbrau’s Pirminator. A local fest beer, this stuff was and I believe still is, strong. I mean […]

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Virgil on April 15, 2012

Do you ever think about where your food originated? I find it, as an agricultural anthropologist, fascinating. Scientists using DNA genetic technology have now determined that all domestic cattle of every breed are descended from one herd of as few as 80 wild ox, also called aurochs, around 10,500 years ago. This is around the […]

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Virgil on April 9, 2012

In my last entry, I gave you the recipe for Royal Lamb Curry, still after almost 30 years one of my favorites to cook. I didn’t remember the name and author of the cookbook at the time. My wife Lynn was kind enough to send that info to me. The book is called Indian Cooking, […]

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