Virgil on June 27, 2012

The federal Senate voted on the bill to require products that contain GMOs to be labeled. The vast majority of Americans want to know what they are eating and have the ability to make a choice in selecting such products. Citizens in over 50 other countries have these very, very simple rights. BUT, not the […]

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Virgil on June 23, 2012

Yep, salad dressings with fat are better than the no-fat versions touted as so essential for good health. Once again, I am vindicated for my choices in what I eat. A recent study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, a peer reviewed journal, found that no-fat and low-fat dressings are not able to extract […]

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Virgil on June 22, 2012

I came up with this version of Salad Nicoise at Edisto Island, hence the name. This great salad is really a main course, it has everything a good meal requires and is quite filling. Smaller versions may, of course, be made if desired. I would also be flexible in ingredients. Use available ingredients and don’t […]

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Five-Maudies – Highly Recommended We have been going to Edisto Island for more years than I care to remember and never noticed this place. It is attached to a gas station convenience store, not the best place for a BBQ joint. We noticed their sign last time we drove by. It is located on the […]

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Virgil on June 15, 2012

The following is a letter from Food Democracy Now! Please read it and Take Action! Why should the United States be the only developed country with no GMO food labeling? Right now the U.S. Senate is working to hammer out the final details on the farm bill and it isn’t pretty. While a number of […]

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Virgil on June 13, 2012

This post was originally going to be about survival cooking. Survival in the sense of trying to occasionally find an alternative to mess hall food here in Iraq. I will say that the mess hall where I am run by KBR USA is a lot better than when the Army was contracting with KBR UK. […]

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I can be an activist, but this food blog was started as a celebration of food. The intent was positive writing that reflected my joy in cooking and eating food in diverse places and circumstances. Even my Warzone category has tried to stay positive and avoid my commentary on the wars and US policies except […]

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Virgil on June 6, 2012

A good knife is a thing of beauty. It is a wonderful tool. For chefs and cooks, a knife can make cooking painful or pleasant. A dull, cheap knife will ruin your mood, butcher (no pun intended) your vegetables or meat and perhaps even cause you to cut yourself as you struggle. A good knife […]

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Virgil on June 3, 2012

Three-Maudies – good Marina Thai has a number of locations in Kuwait City. I would call it fast food. Any restaurant where you get served in plastic foam containers, get plastic “silverware,” and your drink in a paper cup is fast food to me. The locations reflect that to a certain degree, being in a […]

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