Virgil on October 30, 2013

This was just too cute to let pass. I bought a leg of lamb today and was butchering it down into meal size portions for freezing. The bone was really nice and large enough for Little Buddy AKA Maudie not to swallow it. I made that mistake once. I know there is controversy over giving […]

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There are all kinds of cool food related anthropological/archaeological discoveries being made these days. This is exciting. Turkey is one of the few domesticated animals that actually originated in North America. Marc Forgione notwithstanding, he won The Next Iron Chef competition by preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with no turkey. He claimed that turkey was not […]

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Virgil on October 27, 2013

Just the fact that meat eating has been a consistent part of practically every society known to history and prehistory, including those with specific food prohibitions, such as Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, says to me that humans are meant to eat animal protein. Vegans and vegetarians have no basis in history or prehistory for their […]

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Virgil on October 22, 2013

Growing Cities is a film about urban farming in the United States that I backed on Kickstarter. They have done very well. Here is their latest newsletter. One really exciting thing is that they are going to have a film premiere in Liverpool, England, where I have a ton of relatives. Growing Cities Newsletter A […]

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Virgil on October 22, 2013

We just got back from Edisto Island, South Carolina, a place we often go. It is quiet and beautiful, not Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, both of which suck beyond imagination and I feel sorry for anyone who spends their money at either. This was one of the most laid back vacations I’ve ever had […]

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Virgil on October 11, 2013

This summer we finally moved back to the country. Hope to do some farming on a small scale on our own. One of our neighbors is an older man who is still farming vegetables of various types. Due to all the rain this year, coupled with some very high winds, he says it was not […]

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Just a pipe-dream since these so-called government shutdowns that happen every few years never amount to anything other than to allow politicians to play the blame game and purposely make life as unnecessarily difficult as possible for the average citizen. They have to try and prove how important they are and that we would all […]

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