I own a few nice Wusthof knives and recently got my mother’s knives, among them this funny little knife.

Boning and peeling knife

I had no clue what this knife was for and really proved that when I cut myself running my fingers over the wrong side of the blade. I didn’t realize that the concave part of the blade was the sharp side.

On Friday, I was breaking down two ducks, which involves some precision cutting to get the breasts off nicely. My normal knife wasn’t doing the job very well, so I tried this one. I was amazed. The incredibly sharp blade point coupled with the concave blade was a dream come true.

So, I looked up the knife on the Wusthof web site to find this style of knife and found it was a Peeling Knife. From the Wusthof site:

This particular shape is ideally suited for peeling, cleaning or shaping any fruit or vegetable with a rounded surface.

Well, I still haven’t used it on fruit or veggies, but it works great on duck!

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