Five-Maudies: Highly recommended

Going to this restaurant was by accident. I’m training in Fayetteville getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan and most of the class goes out to lunch together. None of us have a clue about restaurants here. The lead car was looking for a pizza place and his GPS found it, but was slow, so it took forever to actually find the place, including multiple U-turns. It looked a bit dicey on the outside and inside, it was plain and fast food type seating.

Some guys wanted to leave, but the owner said if we don’t like it, we don’t have to pay. The New York style pizza I saw looked really good, nice thin crust, obviously homemade dough. But, all of us ordered calzones, except one guy got a sub and I had stromboli.

The calzones all looked great, with thin crust that was nicely seasoned with herbs and perfectly browned and crispy. My stromboli was just as good. Everyone was very impressed.

The owner was wonderful, from Turkey, so we had something in common as I’ve been to Turkey many times and love the people and food.

I will definitely be back here a few times during my stay here, next time for pizza. Definitely rates 5-stars for a city like Fayetteville.

594 S. Reilly Road
Fayetteville, NC 28314
(910) 487-6722

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3 Comments on Amato’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant, Fayetteville, North Carolina – Review

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  2. lynn says:

    Well, five Maudie’s indeed. I suppose I won’t ever even attempt to make a homemade stromboli in the future. glad you had such a good lunch. Love, L

  3. Virgil says:

    You can do it, I have faith πŸ™‚ Almost every calzone I’ve ever had was way too thick and soft, these rocked. Love ya!

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