A basic example of asparagus and ham

A basic example of asparagus and ham

This is another Polish recipe from Michal I plan to try out when I get home on R & R.. I love recipes like this because you have to use your imagination even if you only use the ingredients listed. You can also add or substitute any number of ingredients you wish.

The idea here is to create hors d’oeuvres that will provide two or three bites, each with a different taste combination. The only thing that each item has in common is the asparagus, ham (or other meat) and lettuce, although I suppose you could also vary the meat and lettuce) and the gelatin drizzle.

Presentation is a major key to this dish, beautiful food tastes better, presentation and taste go hand-in-hand. Don’t go overboard with the condiments placed on each hors d’oeuvre. You do not want to overwhelm the dish and cover up the basic meat and asparagus tastes, you only want to enhance them.

 Asparagus and ham hors d’oeuvres (Szparagi w szynce)

2 jars short asparagus spears (white or green or one of each)
thin slices of ham or any type of meat thinly sliced
iceburg or Romaine lettuce (I would add or use other lettuces, as well)
hard boiled eggs
mayonaise and / or aioli (or both)
fruits such as fresh peaches, grapes, apricots, etc.
sweet bell pepper slices
other stuff as you imagine
strong vegetable broth

Put lettuce on platter as individual portions. Trim lettuce as necessary for beauty and to eliminate any stalk portions.

Here, some goodies are put inside the ham with the asparagus

Here, some goodies are put inside the ham with the asparagus

Use a high quality ham or meat. I think I will use prosicutto when I try it.  or a few different ham varieties. Put asparagus into ham and roll up into a flat oblong form. Oblong is important, you need a flat surface for the condiments. Place the different tasting “decorations” on top of the ham. Make each item different if you want. Use sweet, sour, savory, etc.

The key is that every bite is a different taste combination.

Example: piece of hard boiled egg, mayo through a cake decoration squeeze on top, piece of olive or pepper on top. On another area, put a shaped piece of fruit like peach or a grape half. Try pickled baby corn slices, thinly sliced radish, etc. Another key is small bits of everything, don’t overdo it.

Arrange the hors d’oeuvres nicely on a serving platter. Make a strong veggie broth and add gelatin. Allow to start to gel, them drizzle over the entire platter. The broth gelatin not only tastes good, but makes a lovely sheen over the entire dish. Serve and enjoy with some Polish vodka.

Some more pics. Yeah, I know, not much lettuce in sight, but lots of imaginative variations.

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