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The BBQ Barn - North Augusta, SC

The BBQ Barn – North Augusta, SC

Before the BBQ Barn arrived in North Augusta four years ago, there was no really exceptional barbeque in the Augusta, Georgia, area. North Augusta is right across the Savannah River from Augusta. I can easily walk to Augusta from my house via the 13th Street bridge.

Augusta has Sconyer’s BBQ. It is an institution here and popular. Jimmy Carter used them to cater some White House events. But, like the famous Shealy’s in Batesburg-Leesville (versus the unbelievable Jackie Hites down the road), the food is not all that good. Augusta has the BBQ Barn right down the road.

My favorite BBQ is pulled pork, followed by pork ribs and pork hash. BBQ Barn has some of the best pulled pork I have ever had. One of the ways you know you have good BBQ is that it doesn’t need sauce and, in some cases, sauce actully hurts the taste. BBQ Barn pulled pork needs no sauce, it is so flavorful and just the right amount of smoke.

But, if you like sauce, their barbeque is good with it and they offer four sauces, all of them excellent:

  • Thin mild vinegar/ketchup (Carolina style but they call it Georgia Red)
  • Thin hot vinegar/ketchup (also Carolina style)
  • Thin vinegar/mustard sauce (mustard sauces are only originally found in the South Carolina midlands)
  • Thick mustard sauce

I had never had a thin vinegar/mustard sauce and this is excellent, as are the other three. The thin mild vinegar/ketchup sauce is my favorite barbeque sauce and they do theirs as good as it comes.

The ribs are also very good and I love their hash and rice. They offer all the usual sides, from potato salad to baked beans to cole slaw to mac and cheese. All are good. I usually get green beans, mac and cheese and my wife likes slaw. Everything is made from scratch. The skins are to die for if they haven’t run out already.

One thing the BBQ Barn is known for that you don’t usually find at barbeque restaurants is home made desserts. You get large portions at a reasonable price of a variety of cakes and pies. I usually don’t get dessert because I am conpletely full from the barbeque, but people order whole cakes. I have had the coconut cake and the red velvet cake. Both are excellent.

BBQ Barn is tucked away in a fairly obscure location, but is only a few minutes away from Augusta, so it is really a completely local place.

BBQ Barn (click for map)
605 Atomic Road
North Augusta, SC
(803) 278-7202
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