bioluminescenceI just read about some new developments in technology that shouldn’t be necessary, but are, unfortunately.

This is the use of bioluminescent technology for easy tracking of GMO. This research falls into the “scary” category because there should be no genetically modified organisms (GMO). If there were no GMOs, we wouldn’t need a quick and easy means of detecting their presence in places where they are not supposed to be. According to the researchers at Lumora, a UK company that specialises in the development of robust, affordable and easy-to use molecular diagnostics systems:

It is important to be able to monitor genetically modified (GM) crops, not only in the field but also during the food processing chain. New research shows that products from genetically modified crops can be identified at low concentration, using bioluminescent real time reporter (BART) technology and loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). The combination of these techniques was able to recognize 0.1% GM contamination of maize, far below the current EU limit of 0.9%.

See, the European Union knows that GMOs are bad and carefully regulates them. That makes this research important for countries with leaders that are more concerned about their citizen’s health than they are about corporate profits. The US government could care less about food quality as long as their corporate buddies like Monsanto make mega-bucks. We don’t even require labeling of foods that contain GMOs, even though I believe public opinion will change this eventually as Americans realize how bad the food in the United States actually is.

I am hoping that this technology will lead to an accurate and inexpensive consumer level test kit that will allow anyone to test the food they buy. If we had this test already, we would have discovered that “natural” brands like Kashi were full of GMOs before the scandal broke. See Kashi busted by mainstream press and ‘Natural’ doesn’t mean natural or organic or good.

If you are into technical research details, you can download the paper, GMO detection using a bioluminescent real time reporter (BART) of loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) suitable for field use.

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