Bobby’s Bar-B-Q Buffet & Catering, Warrenville, SC




One Maudie – run away

Not the worst BBQ I’ve ever had, but pretty close.

I went to Bobby’s back in the 2000 timeframe a few times because a group I was a member of met there. I recall not being impressed. I am a huge BBQ fan, this was not it.

I went back today, again with a group. If anything, it was worse than I remember. I had pulled pork, green beans, hash and rice, potato salad, and a couple of hush puppies. None of it was really worth eating and certainly not worth spending money on. I would not eat here if it were the only BBQ in a 200 mile radius.

Pulled pork: not sure how they cook it, but it was not on wood unless it was heavily subsidized with gas or electric and it was not cooked as long  or at a low enough temperature as it should have been (and you can make decent pulled pork with gas or electric at the right temp). It was pulled poorly, not really a big deal, but pulled pork should not require a knife for anything. Actually, not enough fat, either. But, the killer was the sauce, a sickly sweet mustard sauce. Now, mustard sauce is a midlands South Carolina thing from German settlers. Not my favorite BBQ sauce, but I don’t mind it at all if done well. This was far too sweet, I mean buckets of sugar. Mustard sauce can vary like vinegar and ketchup based sauces, but this was the mustard equivalent of sickly sweet Kansas City BBQ sauce. Try some vinegar for goodness sake. It is prepared with the sauce, so no option for opting out (the best pulled pork requires no sauce).

Rice and hash: Pretty standard stuff, not horrible and not terrible. Rice sticky enough for me. Hash did not have liver (I don’t like liver in hash, but it is traditional and I will never hold that against a restaurant in a review. The hash could have been two or three star, but it was just meh.

Green beans: out of a can and cooked with fatback. I love fatback, but not canned beans. I can do this at home in a few minutes.

Potato salad: Really bad, institutional quality bulk potato salad, maybe even canned. I can buy better at the grocery store deli.

Hush puppies: Not bad, standard, but cooked decently

I will never go back unless circumstances dictate. I hate it when I have to give a bad review to a local place, but they were doing a great business, so they are doing fine.

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