Virgil on January 3, 2014

This actually could have been written as long as ten years ago, unfortunately. I have been on the Internet since it started at universities and created web sites after it went “public” in 1996 or thereabouts. I loved the initial Internet. Nothing commercial, everything free, and people sharing ideas and their expertise for the love […]

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Virgil on April 23, 2013

I have spent two and a half years with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, including some time in Kuwait and a short time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I discovered a few things. One is that their food is excellent. But, more importantly, is the ignorance most Americans have about Muslims. Americans tend to […]

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Virgil on July 27, 2012

I just got back to Kuwait from a trip to Turkey and the contrast in fast food restaurants between the two countries, as well as the United States, is startling. I always thought that the United States was the fast food capital of the world and have always been ashamed that one of the main […]

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Virgil on February 6, 2012

You can get almost everything you need at the Old Souk in Kuwait City, including cookware, clothes, housewares, health and beauty supplies, electronics, handmade carpets, and perfumes. And more. When I walk through the meat and vegetable part of the Souk, I just wish I had a kitchen. If I did, I would be loaded […]

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Virgil on December 14, 2011

It is hard to write about food when you are in a place like Iraq. Complaining about how bad the mess hall is and our inability to get mail gets old. So, I write about food related things that I am passionate about. I also peruse food blogs to live vicariously, since I can’t actually […]

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Virgil on October 17, 2010

The latest addition to my blogroll is The Culinary Cellar. The primary focus of this great blog is cookbooks, but that is not all. Debbie Vanni has a huge collection. I am a huge book lover and have a pretty good cookbook collection, so I can appreciate her passion. The really cool thing about this […]

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Virgil on October 14, 2010

I recently discovered, one of the benefits of being involved with Twitter (follow me @cooklittlebuddy), you find all sorts of cool sites. Chef Donald is no newcomer to the food scene, but he still hasn’t achieved two of his goals: Being the star of his own cooking show and World Domination. We can leave […]

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Virgil on October 14, 2010

I was honored to have been interviewed for the foodie site Doing the interview was fun and is a site I enjoy reading regularly. Check out the interview at

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Virgil on September 25, 2010

This one isn’t a foodie blog but is intriguing and looks good so far. Plus, @FacetiousMuse keeps recommending me on Follow Friday on Twitter, so it must be good! I have actually read the blog and looked at the podcasts, so I can tell you this is a good one. Last podcast topic was “Zestra […]

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Virgil on September 24, 2010

One thing I haven’t done well is develop my blogroll, which I think is important for any blog. Funny thing, it seems that times have changed a bit in the blog world, probably out of the greed that has ruined much of the great Internet sites of the past. I like to be put on […]

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