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Virgil on February 6, 2012

You can get almost everything you need at the Old Souk in Kuwait City, including cookware, clothes, housewares, health and beauty supplies, electronics, handmade carpets, and perfumes. And more. When I walk through the meat and vegetable part of the Souk, I just wish I had a kitchen. If I did, I would be loaded […]

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Virgil on February 3, 2012

All over the Middle East, tea is very popular and made in various ways. In Afghanistan, I had it with milk and sugar in some places. In other places, I had it with just sugar. In Turkey, it was just with sugar. Sometimes the tea, usually black tea, is served in a cup similar to […]

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Three-Maudies – good The Towers are on a small peninsula in downtown Kuwait City, there are three towers. One has the restaurant in the large “ball” on around the 82nd floor and an observation deck in a smaller “ball” higher up. The other tower with a “ball” is a one-million gallon water tower, while the […]

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Virgil on January 31, 2012

Click here for this five-Maudie restaurant review. This is a wide view of downtown Kuwait, restaurant is the blue marker (click on image for larger map): Close up view, the restaurant is right across a narrow lane from a Mosque (click on image for larger map):  

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Virgil on January 30, 2012

Five Maudies – Highly Recommended Location: Souk Al Kuwait, I wish I could be more specific, I will try and identify it on a satellite map next time I go there Short story is that I have had the best two meals in Kuwait in this tiny restaurant with only outdoor seating on the edge […]

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Now, I normally wouldn’t be ordering barbeque from  Hard Rock Cafe. But this one is in Kuwait City. No alcohol or pork, of course, those are illegal here. I did see camel meat in the local Carrefour here though, no joke. From the cuts, you get a lot of meat out of a camel. But […]

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