Virgil on March 9, 2013

I have been extremely busy lately, including learning pottery techinique, putting in an offer on a small farm, and trying to get our house ready to sell. So, the blog posts have suffered. Hopefully, that will improve soon. This blogs gets an incredible number of page views and I thank all of you who read […]

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Virgil on November 12, 2012

We have a great wine shop here in North Augusta, South Carolina. It has been around for many years and the owners really know wine. Not like the mega liquor stores with their discount prices. Now, don’t get me wrong, I shop at the mega liquor store near us for hard liquor, which is cheaper […]

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Virgil on August 23, 2012

One would expect to find Turkey relatively devoid of alcohol, it being an Islamic country. But it is not. Lots of people drink here. I knew Islamic fundamentalists 30 years ago in Turkey and they all drank. I am not sure how they justify it as it is against Islam, but many certainly do. They […]

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Virgil on May 31, 2012

It is nothing new that eating a “Mediterranean Diet” is linked to better health. Now, a new study confirms this and perhaps expands on the benefits. It just so happens that I love the foods associated with a Mediterranean diet and now I have even more reason to chow down on olive oil, fish, chickpeas, […]

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This post is kind of about food, but indulge me, I got on a roll. After my great meal at The Irish Village in the Dubai airport, I had a short flight to Kuwait City at 10 PM. I was flying Emirates, a United Arab Emirates airline that I had heard of, mainly because they […]

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Virgil on August 27, 2011

I don’t go on R & R for a while, but have been drooling over what the first meal I am going to cook will be. I am waiting for my wife Lynn’s request, but I know what it is going to be for me and Little Buddy. Lately, lamb shanks had become one of […]

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Virgil on December 19, 2010

Five-Maudies – Highly Recommended As far as I am concerned, Bistro 491 is tied as the best restaurant in Augusta. Only one other shares this standing, La Maison. The two are different, so a direct comparison cannot and should not be made. Bistro 491 rocks. The restaurant has been around for 10-years and I had […]

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The results of Augusta Magazine’s Best Of results for “Wine Menu” leave a lot to be desired. For one, it is called a “Wine List,” not a “Wine Menu.” One would think that Augusta Magazine would get this right. There are three things that make up a good wine list and quantity of wines available […]

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Virgil on November 17, 2010

This was a six course meal with wine pairings for each course. In reality, we had seven dishes and six wines. All of the wines were from California boutique wineries. Upon arrival, we were directed to the bar (normally used as a bar offering excellent tapas dishes) for Hors d’oeuvres and the first wine, a […]

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Virgil on November 11, 2010

For the normal person who isn’t named George Soros or Bill Gates, hasn’t just won the lottery and/or isn’t on an obscene corporate expense account paid for by taxpayer bailouts, how much is a truly great dining experience worth? I guess this depends on how much you appreciate truly great food. I am not talking […]

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