China rejects US GMO corn shipments

China rejects US GMO corn shipments

Most countries in the developed world and many in underdeveloped nations ban or restrict use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Most at least have laws requiring labeling of any foods that contain GMOs, so the consumer may decide. In most of the United States, Monsanto, other agribusiness giants, and USDA have gone full-tilt boogie to keep labeling away from US consumers, with huge donations funding efforts to defeat ballot measures to require labeling on the national and state levels.

In the latest round of GMO disasters for US growers (and I don’t feel sorry for any farmer planting GMO crops), China just rejected 120 million metric tonnes of corn tainted with an unapproved insect-resistant MIR 162 variety of corn (yes, China allows some GMO strains to be imported). Last month, they rejected 60 million tonnes for the same reason. The US is the largest corn exporter in the world and China is the third largest customer.

The European Union countries have also rejected countless imports of GMO contaminated goods from the United States. The question for me, is why do we fill orders to these countries with goods we know they don’t want. Do we think we might slip one over on them? Maybe and it is possible that has happened. Or, in the case of corn in particular, is the farmer planting non-GMO varieties honestly that have become contaminated by his neighbors GMO crop? This has been documented countless times and there is very little to be done to stop it. Barriers zones don’t work all the time, if ever. It is like pesticide drift from a conventional field to an organic field, yielding the organic crops useless as organic products. In the US, nothing is done about these things. It is a very sad failure by the USDA and the courts.

There are plenty of places to sell GMO crops, why don’t we honor the wishes of other countries that have the welfare of their citizens at heart, unlike the US, where anything goes in the world of food except for more and more restrictions on local small producers in the false name of “safety.” Meanwhile, our food supply gets worse and worse.

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