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My wife and I were in Columbus, GA, for a few days while I went through the Conus Replacement Center at Ft Benning getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. While there, we hit the two highest rated barbeque places (as rated on

We were very disappointed in both, the Georgia barbeque wasteland extends to Columbus from our experience. See my earlier post, Is Georgia a Barbeque Wasteland?

We went to the original location. Large, crowded and open every day. This place may have been good back in the day, but food quality, if not profitability, has suffered by expansion. I have seen this too often and it happens in single location places, as well, as they expand their menus so that they have great selection, but can’t make good food. Sconyers in Augusta, GA, and Shealys in Batesburg-Leesville, SC, immediately come to mind in the single location, huge menu, category. Smithfield’s in Fayetteville, NC, comes to mind in the too many locations category.

Profitability may be good here, but I’ll never go there again. The fact that it is crowded doesn’t say much for the ability of Columbus, GA, residents to discern good barbeque.

Their menu is huge for a barbeque place, even fried chicken doesn’t have a place at a barbeque joint in my opinion. But here, they have hot dogs, beef brisket, sliced or chopped pork, pork ribs, barbeque beef, smoked ham, pork tenderloin, chicken, wings, Brunswick stew, a smoked meat taco, roast beef and gravy, and more. They have lots of sides, most typical of a barbeque place, like collards, black eyed peas, skillet apples, cole slaw, and corn on the cob. The barbeque sauce is my least favorite, a Kansas City type thick, sweet, sauce.

I had a chopped barbeque pork platter, with some ribs, and collards and black eyed peas. Lynn had a veggie tray with collards, baked sweet potato, butter beans and corn on the cob. The biggest disappointment was the ribs, they were dry and tough. I talked to a friend the next day and he said the same thing about the ribs when he had them a different day. The ribs were really not edible. The chopped pork was OK, only OK, I did not add any of the sickly sweet sauce. It was a little dry and not real flavorful. The sides were all decent, nothing to write home about, but worth eating. Lynn said the same thing. One thing surprisingly missing on the menu was mac and cheese.

I hope there is some good barbeque in Columbus, maybe next time I am there, I’ll find it.

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