Let me in with my bone!

Let me in with my bone!

This was just too cute to let pass. I bought a leg of lamb today and was butchering it down into meal size portions for freezing. The bone was really nice and large enough for Little Buddy AKA Maudie not to swallow it. I made that mistake once.

I know there is controversy over giving dogs bones. I am not advocating it, but my decision is that a large raw bone is fine. No cooked chicken bones, of course. Dogs have been eating bones for millions of years. And Little Buddy absolutely loves them.

One other thing about Little Buddy. She is the only dog I have ever had that hides bones. It is like that financial commercial. I always thought it was a myth. Wrong. She goes nuts trying to find the perfect spot, then comes back five-minutes later to get it and find the more perfect place. Sometimes she forgets where she hid them, but usually, at some point she will get it and spent hours chewing on it. Talk about enjoyment. I was going to make lamb stock, but I am glad I gave her this one.

With a messy bone, I took her outside to hopefully at least get it cleaned up some before letting her in the house with it. She immediately went to the door to get inside with it. I left her outside where she looked for hiding places, chewed a bit, and looked for hiding places. Nothing suitable. So, I look over and see her up on her hind legs with bone in mouth at the door. She never gets on her hind legs to ask to come in.

Of course, I let her in and she is now a very happy camper. Yep, this is the most spoiled dog ever.

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  1. Lynn says:

    O, the mess…

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