Five chefs remain and this is set to be a double elimination. These five have made it to Las Vegas for this week’s challenges.

Pastry Mini-Challenge

Chef Canora

Chef Canora

The chefs arrive at Jean-Philippe Chocolates and Pastries – Bellagio kitchen. Jean-Philippe pastry kitchen challenge is “Inspiration.” The chefs must create a wedding pastry using the secret ingredient, chocolate.  They have two hours, not long for pastry and none of the chefs are pastry chefs, not an easy challenge.

Here is what each chef created:

Caswell: Croquembouche with Chocolate Mousse, Tsai said caramel was crunchy, Canora said it didn’t highlight the chocolate, Jean-Philippe said it was dense
Tio: Three dishes: Chocolate Panna Cotta with Donut, Blueberry almond cake, Chocolate gnoche with grapefruit gel, mixed reviews
Canora: Croquembouche with Chocolate Cream and Hazelnuts, Tsai didn’t like it, Jean-Philippe was not very complimentary

Chef Tsai

Chef Tsai

Tsai: Croquembouche with Chocolate cremeux and banana cream, Caswell said too much crunch, Forgione had compliments, Jean-Philippe liked it
Forgione: Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait, Jean-Philippe liked it, but not presentation, Tsai thought it was too simple

Best: Tsai, so he gets the advantage in the main challenge, first time his peers have voted him best (about time, in my opinion)

Las Vegas Buffet Challenge

This is to be a double elimination challenge. Chefs have three hours to create a great buffet – three hot and 2 cold dishes.

TSAI gets one minutes to source product before the others as his advantage.

Here is what each chef created:

Chef Marc-Forgione

Chef Marc-Forgione


Cold Dish 1: vegetable consumme
Hot Dish 1: Leg of lamb with basil pesto crust
Cold Dish 2: Raw salmon with apple Coriander Nage
Hot Dish 2: Coconut Curry Braised Veal Cheek
Hot Dish 3: Prime rib with fingerling potatoes


Cold Dish 1: Smoked salmon and avocado parfait
Hot Dish 1: Lobster and dirty rice
Cold Dish 2: Scallop cerviche
Hot Dish 2: Sweet and sour baby back ribs
Hot Dish 3: Ribeye Pho


Cold Dish 1: Slow Roasted salmom
Hot Dish 1: Ricotta Gnudi
Cold Dish 2: Garlic cured duck
Hot Dish 2: Lobster Shepard’s Pie
Hot Dish 3: Cauliflower soup


Cold Dish 1: Scallop Carpaccio & Salmon Sashimi
Hot Dish 1: Eggplant parmesan
Cold Dish 2: Compressed Fruit Salad
Hot Dish 2: Stuffed Pork Loin
Hot Dish 3: Braised veal cheeks

Chef Bryan Caswell

Chef Bryan Caswell


Cold Dish 1: Beef and Green Grape Salad
Hot Dish 1: Barbeque cracked crab
Cold Dish 2: Shrimp and Fig Salad
Hot Dish 2: Chili braised pork butt
Hot Dish 3: Baby Back Ribs

No chef got totally rave reviews for all their dishes. Chef Tio and Canora look to have done best, probably Canora will take this one. This is a double elimination and it will be difficult to select the two worst.

I can’t even guess at the two losers.

Winner: Canora
Losers: Caswell (I called this one last week) and NO ONE

Hung jury, so only Caswell goes home, next week will definately be a double elimination. So far, the best chefs still remain.

My predictions as of this episode:

Chef to Beat: Canora

Strong Contenders: Tsai and Forgione

Next to go home unless a strong showing next week: Tio and Tsai with the double elimination

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