I came across some interesting research recently that demonstrates that eating two or more servings of oily fish a week is positively correlated with reduced chances of having a stroke and cardiovascular disease, while just eating fish oil supplements does not. To me, this is just common sense, but it is nice to have scientific evidence to back-up my thoughts on supplements.

I have said for many, many years that taking supplements cannot have the same beneficial as getting the same nutrients via eating foods high in said nutrients. Supplements extract out or chemically synthesize these nutrients and you eat them in isolation. You lose the interactivity between the beneficial nutrients and all the other substances in the actual fish, vegetable, or whatever it is you are eating. These substances act in concert with each other, in my opinion, to provide the desired results. That is, as they say, how nature intended it. Nature did not intend us to eat specific things in isolation of their source.

I think everyone knows that fish oil is good for you. But the best way to get that fish oil is to eat the actual fish containing the oils. Many people don’t like the more oily fish, like mackerel and sardines, but they taste great if prepared properly. I personally love fresh sardines, something I can’t find in the US, but are abundant in France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. Fresh sardines are a far cry from those in the tins you see in grocery stores. Same with anchovies.

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