Keurig coffee maker. Makes good coffee, but requires second mortgage to buy the cups

Makes good coffee, but requires second mortgage to buy the cups

We got a Keurig a couple of years ago and I’ll admit it makes good coffee. If you use the premade cups that cost a king’s ransom. This is a great coffee maker if you don’t mind spending big bucks on the cups and don’t mind waiting for your coffee. Personally, I have asked for an old percolator for Christmas this year, I mean like we had when I was a kid and sits on the stove.

The main reason you shouldn’t give the Keurig as a gift (or the new Starbucks system) is that you lock people into spending far more money on coffee than they are used to spending for coffee made at home. And those little cups are really expensive, not everyone is Bill Gates. Yes, you can use the little attachment that you can load yourself, but it is super hot when you want to make more than one cup in a short period of time and it is not durable. Ours has cracked, we get grounds in the coffee, and often only half a cup and a mess on the counter. It ain’t worth the money for the brewer or the cups.

Another major downside to any single cup brewing system is just that, you can make only one cup at a time and you can’t set it up to brew your coffee before your alarm goes off. Now,

Good old-fashioned percolator

Good old-fashioned percolator

I can’t set up a percolator to auto-brew, but I’ll live with that. The Keurig, even with the expensive cups, is a pain in the rear when all you want in the morning is a quick cup of joe.

Hopefully, I can sell ours on ebay and get some of our money back. I can’t wait for some good old percolator coffee like I remember from years ago.

The thing I don’t like about the standard modern coffee maker, and we have had a lot over the years, is that NONE of the pots EVER pour without dripping coffee all over the place, no matter how fancy and expensive they are. We do have an expresso machine we like, but that is not for everyday brew.

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