french onion soupThis is one of those quick but good dishes you can make when you don’t have much time or inclination to cook.

French onion soup is one of those things I love, but, no matter how good the restaurant, it is always too salty. So, halfway through, it stops tasting good. I have found that most recipes call for too much salt, I like to go light on it and let the diner add more if they want (one thing I don’t like about the show Chopped is that they will gig people for not enough salt). But I digress.

I never made my own French onion soup before and when I made this I intentionallyPacific Natural Foods Organic French Soup didn’t look up a recipe. I had bought a box (liquid in a box) of Pacific Natural Foods Organic French Soup.

The box said to heat it up and eat or, if you want more fancy, add some sauteed onions, garlic croutons and cheese. This was consistent with soups I have had in restaurants.

I didn’t have croutons and only had brioche, so I broiled a couple of slices of the bread with garlic powder pressed into both sides. I sauteed the onions in extra virgin olive oil and threw in the croutons to soak up some oil. I poured a cup of soup and added some of the Dubliner Cheeseonion/crouton mix.

The only cheese in the house was Dubliner, non-pasteurized milk blue cheese, and feta. The only choice was the Dubliner and I thought it was actually a good choice.

I put thin slices of the cheese on top and put in the oven at 350 F for 10-minutes to melt the cheese.

The end result was very good and not too salty. I liked the Dubliner cheese, but I am thinking that Gruyere may be better.

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