CheeriosThe United States is one of the only developed countries in the world to either not ban foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or at least require labeling of said foods. Very sad commentary on the US and the power that agribusiness and their allies in the USDA and FDA have on Congress at the federal and state level. Even Al Franken (D-MN) (the liberal’s liberal senator) voted against GMO labeling.

Luckily, consumer concerns over GMOs are finally getting the attention of some huge companies, like General Mills. Since our politicians and government agencies are owned by Monsanto and other food industry giants who don’t care about the health and environmental risks GMOs present, it is encouraging to see that the little people who eat the horrible food coming out of the US food production system are starting to be heard.

Some anti-GMO groups are poo pooing this move by General Mills, saying that it doesn’t mean anything and that General Mills is still evil. Maybe. But, I see this as a victory for anti-GMO advocates and consumers who only want the right to know what is in their food. Basically, virtually all commercial boxed cereals, unless organic or labeled as non-GMO, have GMOs in them. Especially if they include sugar, as, even if the grain base is not available in a GMO crop (like oats in Cheerios), the sweetener is almost always corn syrup. And almost all corn grown in the US is GMO.

This is a start folks, hopefully more to follow by General Mills and other huge food processing firms. 70% of processed foods have GMOs. It is one reason I eat very few processed foods.

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  1. Want to take it one step further? Buy products that are also certified by the Non-GMO Project . The certification process behind this label is currently the best possible way of assuring that you are eating GMO-free food (though bear in mind, not all of the products bearing the Non-GMO Project label are organic—for the best of both worlds, chose products that also include the USDA Organic label).

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