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Label GMO foods!

Label GMO foods!

For the past 20 years Americans have been denied the right to know what’s in their food, but that’s about to change! With your help, GMO labeling bills have passed in two separate states in the past month, but we’re not stopping there! Right now we have Monsanto on the run, but we need your help to finish the job!

Please support Food Democracy Now! to speed our positive momentum to label GMOs. Food Democracy Now! supporters helped us make history in Connecticut.

Already with your help:

        • We won in Connecticut: The breakthrough win in Connecticut overrode attempts by Connecticut Governor Malloy to water down the labeling bill and strategically turned the tide. We successfully mobilized over 40,000 phone calls to the Connecticut state legislature, driving them to pass the first labeling bill in the United States.

We won in Maine: Hot on the heels of Connecticut’s historic victory, Maine passed the 2nd GMO labeling bill with a unanimous vote in the Senate and a 141 to 4 vote in the house. This decisive victory would not have happened without the support of people like you.

Together, we are going to win in Washington. The momentum is on our side, and Monsanto knows it. Now is the time to press our advantage, and we plan to do just that in Washington State.

While 64 other countries give people the right to know whether their food has been genetically engineered, Monsanto’s corporate lobbyists have manipulated U.S. regulations to deny this basic right to everyday Americans.

With your help, we will be taking the biotech bullies on once again in Washington where a labeling initiative is on the ballot this November. Last fall, Monsanto and the chemical and junk food industries outspent us nearly 6 to 1 to narrowly defeat labeling in California. Don’t let that happen again! State by state organizing is a smart investment to win today, and keep winning tomorrow.

Donate here to build the grassroots movement to stop Monsanto and win GMO labeling in all 50 states!

We rely on donors like you all across the country to sustain our victories— we’re truly a people powered movement. And it takes a lot of people to stand up to entrenched corporate interests like Monsanto. Your donation gives us the “oomph!” needed to rally the people and protect the public good.

All donors who donate over $50 will receive a Food Democracy Now! Lady Liberty GMO labeling T-shirt with President Obama’s famous 2007 promise to label GMOs to Iowa farmers. Now’s the time to make it happen!

With your help, we will win in Washington.

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1 Comment on GMO labeling for Washington state

  1. gold price says:

    These claims simply don’t hold up. State GMO labeling, and other food safety and food labeling laws, are constitutional. Federal law, upheld for decades by federal court legal decisions, allows states to pass laws relating food safety or food labels when the FDA has no prior regulations or prohibitions in place. There is currently no federal law or FDA regulation on GMO labeling, except for a guidance statement on voluntary labeling, nor is there any federal prohibition on state GMO or other food safety labeling laws. In fact there are over 200 state food labeling laws in effect right now in the U.S., including a GMO fish labeling law in Alaska, laws on labeling wild rice, maple syrup, dairy quality, kosher products, and laws on labeling dairy products as rBGH-free. It is very unlikely that any federal court will want to make a sweeping ruling that would nullify 200 preexisting state laws.

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