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This place is a serious find, completely off the beaten path about a mile off of Highway 25 a few miles north of Greenwood, South Carolina. The only reason I found out about it is because my National Guard unit just moved from Abbeville to near Hodges and Ware Shoals. I was making up a missed drill. When you do a make-up, you work with one of the full-time folks and go out to lunch if you want. They took me to Godfrey’s. Only locals know about it.

Godfrey’s is a restaurant, as well as a small market with a few really high quality meats, including their own country ham and homemade sausage. It turns out the sausage is made by a retired National Guard guy who I knew.

For lunch, I had fried chicken, recommended by my buddies, and fries. The fried chicken was great, the usual southern batter done perfectly. Fries were also cooked properly. You can also get burgers and the usual fare for a walk up lunch counter.

There are also typical grocery items you would find at a small market, mostly necessities, it is the only grocery for probably 10 miles or more. Hodges is tiny. But, the real prize is the meats and pimento cheese. The sausage and pimento cheese are both made there fresh. The sausage is exceptional, ground pork, mildly spiced and very lean. The pimento cheese is the best I have ever had, it has some olive and jalapenos that give it a perfect kick.

Godfrey’s is worth going out of your way to visit. Eat lunch, get 10 pounds of sausage if that much is available and get pimento cheese. If you could freeze pimento cheese, I’d get ten pounds of that, too. If you like country ham, theirs looks good.

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  3. Tim Wooten says:

    I to work for the National Guard in Columbia, and have been coming to the National Guard unit in Hodges to ship equipment. We have been to Godfrey’s for lunch every time I’ve had to go up there to work and it is one of the best places I’ve been for lunch.

  4. Larry says:

    The meats you sell—are they from local farmers, locally slaughtered and processed? Read the book “Fast Food Nation” made me not want to eat poultry and beef products produced by the big processors in the country.They are killing us. No more McDonalds, Burger King or Hardee’s for us. Thanks P.S. Been to your restaurant.

  5. Boris says:

    Everything stated is true in the article, but I’d like to add that the real treat here is their available frozen hash made at the store. This hash prepared with rice is what I remember getting in the ’50s & ’60s as a child on special pre-integration July 4ths from Mr. Anderson when the entire B/W community of nearby Due West, SC came together early in the morning standing in line first come first served order. The occasion and food made a life time impression on me. Thank you to the new owners of Hodges ‘One Stop’ restaurant for continuing this tradition of having wonderful hash.

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