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This egg slicer is made in the USA and at least 50-years old.

I have tons of cool kitchen tools from my grandmother and mother. This little device came from my grandmother who, by the way, was an unreal cook. I’ve been trying to duplicate her eastern Tennessee apple sauce for years. I have come close, but no cigar so far. When I was a kid, I would make myself sick eating it.

Anyway, I had no idea what this tool was, even though it is actually pretty obvious once you

The egg slicer in operation

The egg slicer in operation

know what it is. You place a hard-boiled egg in the “scoop” part and press the wires over it for perfect slices. The wires aren’t strong enough to slice anything much harder than a hard-boiled egg and this one is still operating perfectly after all these years. I suppose you might be able to slice some other soft items, such as dough, but I use it every time I make salad with hard-bolied eggs. It is so simple and perfect, no mess as with with knife slicing and yolks disintegrating (even a really sharp knife).

The end result - perfect

The end result – perfect

It looks like it is made out of some kind of aluminum, as it is very light. There is a locking mechanism that keeps it closed in a drawer. Simple and not a tool I’d expect to have been common years ago. But, cooks back then still liked to do things neatly and quickly.

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1 Comment on Hard-boiled egg slicer – coolest kitchen tool ever?

  1. Dick Dixon says:

    I agree with you 1000% re how kool this tool is! Every time I work with hard-boiled eggs I use it, and just *love* it! It’s much better than any other egg slicer I’ve tried, because this slicer’s egg “holder” is angled up ever-so-slightly, so the cutting wires DON’T push the egg out of the holder. (What were these other designers THINKING!?!?)

    One tiny complaint I have is the “lock” on the handle. It’s just annoyance… (Were the designers worried my 2-year-old might get hold of it and slice herself up??? Ohhh, puleeease!)

    Also, why didn’t they invent an add-on tool to cube the sliced egg (…to sprinkle cubed egg onto salad).

    Yes, it’s a truly great tool. I’d love to know where to find a few more… they’re ancient and likely no longer manufactured.
    Dick Dixon

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