I am a real lover of vinegar and vinegar/ketchup based barbeque sauces that are traditional to parts of North and South Carolina. I constantly strive to find the best sauces I can and perfect them if needed. These sauces are usually thin and added towards the end of cooking or on the finished product. They are specifically ideal with pulled pork, pork being the premiere meat for Southern barbeque. Beef brisket might taste good, but it isn’t barbeque!

Here is the recipe on allrecipes.comhttp://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Eastern-North-Carolina-BBQ-Sauce/Detail.aspx

Here is my review:

With BBQ sauce, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no one right sauce. So, I give this one 5-stars, but have my comments. Note that my favorite sauces are vinegar or vinegar/ketchup based.

  • vinegar overpowers, I would reduce vinegar and especially reduce the white vinegar
  • spices do not “dissolve,” too much sediment. Cooking it would probably help or straining after sitting a few days – need to shake it frequently
  • needs a touch more sweetness – more sugar, molasses or honey
  • be careful with what hot sauce you use, they don’t all taste he same. I used Texas Pete and it tainted the flavor of the sauce in a negative way. I’ll skip the hot sauce next time and use more cayenne or red pepper flakes

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