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Iron Chief America April 25, 2010

from 2008, Bobby Flay vs Daniel Angerer

secret ingredient: beer

Wow, interesting and almost too versitle ingredient, how many non-liquid meals have you had that highlighted beer rather than used it as an ingredient, such as in frying batter or boiling shrimp, where you really don’t know that beer was necessarily involved?

It is easy to figure out ways to use beer in cooking, I don’t think it is easy to highlight it. Angerer, being Austrian, might be expected to have the advantage, but I never count Bobby Flay out. At least Budweiser wasn’t among the beer selections. If you ever had German beer in Europe, you know what I mean.

After 15 minutes, I still can’t see beer being highlighted. Both chefs are using it as an ingredient in cooking, in batter and as a boiling/sauteing liquid with or without other liquids. Looks like we aren’t getting any beer ice cream, which could actually be quite good.

30 minutes in and it is still hard to see how beer is going to be highlighted. Angerer has a strusel made with chocolate ale, that one may do it. Flay is reducing a sauerkraut and beer mixture, but I don’t see how the cabbage flavor is going to be overcome in favor of the beer.

There is some great looking food being made here, shrimp, soft shell crab, brats, sturgeon, chocolate stout cake, and more. Can’t wait to see what the judges think.

As I expected, the beer was hard to detect in most of the dishes, but it certainly made quite a difference in the dishes. And the beer was dectable in most of them. Usually, people don’t know if their shrimp was cooked in beer or if their fired chicken batter had beer in it. Angerer dealt Bobby Flay a rare defeat in this one.

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