The sign in a grocery store that started the viral campaign
The sign in a grocery store that started the viral campaign

Back in December, I reported about The Cornucopia Institute’s report on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticide residue in Kashi and other brands claiming to be “all natural,” etc. See ‘Natural’ doesn’t mean natural or organic or good.’

This is just not something that is considered news, unfortunately. But, it is when the news goes viral and Kashi (owned by Kellogg) gets their butts handed to them on a plate (no pun intended). Earlier this week it hit the mainstream media in a big way.

A viral Facebook and Twitter campaign hit them hard, shut down their phone system, and resulted in some really lame responses/excuses from Kashi management.

The truth came out to all that Kashi’s healthiness, “seven grains on a mission” BS, and all those healthy looking extreme sports women in their ads are nothing but a tasteless marketing ploy. Pathetic.

I will never buy Kashi again no matter what they do in the future. Here is a quote from a USA Today story, one of many stories on the topic, Kashi cereal’s ‘natural’ claims stir anger,

Kashi has done nothing wrong, says David DeSouza, Kashi general manager. “The FDA has chosen not to regulate the term ‘natural,’ ” he says.

Many posters on the Kashi site seemed especially angry about the presence of genetically engineered soy in some of its cereals. One wrote that by marketing its products as whole foods and healthy, but choosing genetically engineered soybeans as an ingredient, the company had destroyed people’s trust in its product.

Just remember that, in the United States, if it has soy or corn AND IS NOT certified organic, it is almost surely GMO. Caveat emptor!

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