The love of a dog

The love of a dog

This blog is dedicated to my dog, Maudie, aka Little Buddy. It was a nod to a great companion in all ways that also happens to like any food that humans eat. I thought it was kind of cute, many in my family thought I was insane. Maybe I am. If I am, so is my wife. Maudie has her wrapped around her paws, as well. I started this blog when she was still a puppy and she is over fours years old now. Long may she run.

Recently, there was a graphic circulating on Facebook that I want to share here. It is about dogs, not food, but really fits the theme of this blog, so I couldn’t resist. Here are some comments and thoughts on dogs in general and Maudie in particular.

My original comment to the post:

Anyone who has never had that special dog will think this is insane. But, pure love and no strings attached. My little dog would die protecting me in a minute up against anything and I would do the same for her.

A comment from a friend:

Dogs have evolved with us and have influenced our evolution along the way too. We are linked to their species by that, they’re a part of our humanity.

My response:

I have thought a lot about what you said and it is so true. Some other animal species have connections with humans, but

Maudie climbing a magnolia tree

Maudie climbing a magnolia tree

nothing like dogs do. Horses come close, but a dog will die for you without any hesitation. No other species (other than other humans, as in protecting their families), would ever do that. And lots of species are smart, but a smart dog beats them all in intelligence. Our dog Maudie aka Little Buddy, has an English vocabulary that is probably at least 20 words and she knows what we are going to do (like go out, so she can make sure she can go, too) before we know it sometimes. She is also a healer, and knows when one of us sick and reacts accordingly. She will also try and take out any threat against us and she weighs only 19 lbs. She would take on a pit bull if she had to. George Washington wrote a story about one of her breed (she is a feist) that was killed defending her owner against a bear. Unreal.

Her response:

just read something today that says they now think dogs have been with humans for 19,000 years, 9000 years longer than previously believed.

My response:

I believe it, there is a psychic bond with Maudie, possibly reincarnation is also involved. Not sure, never thought I would have such a relationship with a dog, although we have had other incredible dogs, like Lili, who was also like Maudie in devotion and love.

One thing about feists is they are believed to be derived from native American dogs and English small dogs. They have been documented since the 18th century and are totally Southern.

Am I crazy? I don’t know and don’t care. Little Buddy landed in a great home that treats her like a princess and she returns the favor.

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