This summer we finally moved back to the country. Hope to do some farming on a small scale on our own. One of our neighbors is an older man who is still farming vegetables of various types. Due to all the rain this year, coupled with some very high winds, he says it was not a good year for him.

Today, I went over there, short walk, and he had just harvested a bunch of sweet potatoes. He was cleaning them and sorting them out into baskets ($10 and $5 baskets) to sell in a community a few miles away. When he calls a friend there, she lines up the small community and they buy everything he has. I asked him if I could get some and he said, sure, what he doesn’t have there, that is less for them. I bought a $5 basket that I picked out and filled myself. He kept telling me to addd more, he wasn’t stingy with his baskets.

Sweet potatoes harvested today

Sweet potatoes harvested today

He also said the smaller ones are best for baking, which is how we usually make them. Larger ones for pies. I didn’t know that. He also said to leave them sit for two weeks before using them. If you cook them right out of the ground. they aren’t ripe or sweet enough, according to him. So, these beautiful babies will sit for two weeks before we use them. It is so nice to be able to just walk across the road to a farmer who has been around since the 1950s and buy his vegetables. We have bought stuff from him earlier, as well. Plus, I can talk farming and learn from this man.

This is what local food is all about.

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