Three-Maudies – good

The soups are to die for

The soups are to die for

Marina Thai has a number of locations in Kuwait City. I would call it fast food. Any restaurant where you get served in plastic foam containers, get plastic “silverware,” and your drink in a paper cup is fast food to me. The locations reflect that to a certain degree, being in a number of malls and fast food strips. This is good fast food and very reasonably priced for Kuwait. All of the food I had was delivered (food delivery is huge in Kuwait City), but I did see one of the restaurants in one of the malls, Souq Al Salmiah I believe. It was a typical mall food court setting, you get your food at the counter and sit at a table in the food court.

If I were just rating the soups, I would give this restaurant five Maudies. Both the Tom Yum Kong Seafood Soup and the Tom Yum Coconut Milk Soup are divine. Both with a seafood broth heavy with lemongrass and chock full of luscious shrimp, crab and other seafood goodies. The one with coconut added a wonderful richness to the flavor. Both are highly recommended, as is the more simple Tom Yum Kong soup that a friend loved.

As for appetizers, I tried the Spring Rolls, Special Shrimp Spring Rolls, and the Shrimp on Toast. The Shrimp on Toast was horrible, I am not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t

Chicken Teriyaki is excellent, as is the beef and shrimp

Chicken Teriyaki is excellent, as is the beef and shrimp

the spongy and bland substance I received. Both types of spring roll were very good, fried nicely and not too oily. The shrimp rolls were the best, it seems that people actually know how to cook shrimp in Kuwait and these were juicy and tender. The spring rolls came with a typical duck sauce and a hot vinegar clear sauce that really didn’t add much. You really didn’t need the duck sauce, either.

Main courses were a mixed bag and I learned there are things you just shouldn’t order and things that were excellent. On the “do not order” list is the Chicken Green Curry. I

Chicken Green Curry, my least favorite dish

Chicken Green Curry, my least favorite dish

didn’t like anything about this dish, it wasn’t hot, didn’t taste like green curry and the chicken was not flavorful. On the “OK” list is the Fish Three Ways. This was fried fish with a few sauces that was decent, but nothing to write home about. The best dishes were the teriyakis. I tried the beef, chicken, and shrimp versions and all were excellent, the shrimp cooked right and the beef and chicken tender and flavorful. The teriyaki sauce was excellent, not overpowering, but perfect with the meat choice and rice.

Regarding rice, you can order plain white steamed rice and fried rice with vegetables, chicken or shrimp. This was typical Kuwait rice, not sticky as I like it, but fairly dry. Everyone seems to cook it this way. I always got the steamed white rice, but a friend enjoyed the fried rice.

All in all, this is a good restaurant with great value. I would eat here anytime, especially for the soups.

Their locations:

Souq Sharq: Mezzanine – Next to KFC        Tel: 22420620 – 22423500
Souq Al Salmiah: City Center            Tel: 25718718 – 25727278
Al Jabriya: Block 13 – Alfahs Akfanny Street    Tel: 25313498 – 25358827
Muhalab Center: Opposite to Macdonald’s        Tel: 22653307 – 22653309
Mahboula: Opposite to Macdonald’s        Tel: 23720040 – 23720050
Alkout Complex Fahaheel: Food Court        Tel: 23930320
I think a new one has also opened up in the 360 Mall.

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  1. Terence says:

    Absolutely delicious and awesome food.

  2. Dear Sir’s,

    I’d like to inquire if marina thai has a franchise program? who can we contact if we require to obtain the franchise right in Qatar?
    Many thanks


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