Five Maudies – highly recommended

All I can say is, What a find! I’d drive a long way to eat at a restaurant of this quality and you can be assured that I’ll make a point of routing my way through Milledgeville whenever I can.

I had been through Milledgeville before, a few times, and knew it was a small college town with a nice old downtown area, reminiscent of Athens, but on a much smaller scale. This time, we were starving and looking for a place to eat. We noticed lots of restaurants and had picked out a quaint Italian one. In circling the block and parking, we noticed Metropolis. I cannot turn down Mediterranean food and the prospects of getting lamb. Never expected that in this little town.

Very inviting entrance way and the interior was typical of the old storefront, long and narrow and lots of ambiance. There was a bar along part of one wall and I nice outdoor deck. We selected the deck, it was a beautiful day. Staff was friendly and attentive.

The menu had what you would expect, plus some other items you don’t see so often. Selections included lots of vegetarian choices for those who always feel left out. We started off with hummus with grilled pita bread and ridiculously inexpensive draft Yuengling beers. The hummus was excellent, very smooth and prefect blending of flavors. The pita was grilled perfectly and very tender. We also had some feta and olives, also very good.

It was tough deciding what to get for the entree. Lynn went with a vegetarian plate that included dolmades, falafel and a Greek salad. All were good. The salad was not what you normally see in the US as a Greek salad, but more traditional, less lettuce and more onion and tomato. I ended up with spanakopita (yeah, I know, no lamb). It was excellent.

We didn’t partake, but they also offer, on the deck, the traditional hookah waterpipe experience. I’ve done that in Turkey. You can select from a variety of tobacco flavors (sorry, no hashish). You can probably smoke your cigars there and enjoy an ouzo or brandy, as well.

Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed and Milledgeville is a great place for a day trip from Atlanta, Macon or Columbus.     

Metropolis Café
138 N Wayne St
Milledgeville, GA 31061
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