Hash ready for eggs

Hash ready for eggs

All of you looking for a gourmet meal, run away now. This is a quick and easy meal that tastes great, but is certainly not gourmet. This one is from my childhood and I have never made it nor had it in years. My mother was an excellent cook and could make the most wonderful meals that would have been mainstays in the finest restaurants. Yet, when I was a child, she had her standard meals that appealed to her kids. Also, back then, my parents couldn’t afford to make high-end meals all the time. One example is beenie weenies. Hers were extra special. Another is this corned beef hash and eggs. We had no idea how much food cost of that we were getting “cheap” meals. It didn’t matter then and still doesn’t. Taste is what counts.

One thing that has brought on this nostalgia is my mother-in-law making some

Eggs ready to go in oven

Eggs ready to go in oven

things she remembers fondly from her childhood in Liverpool (and Wales during World War II), such as salt cod. A recipe for salt cod is in the works. It is quite tasty.

Back to corned beef hash with eggs. Essentially, this is simply a can of corned beef hash with poached egs added. It is actually quite good. Here is the recipe for two. It is easy to double for more:

Momma’s Corned Beef Hash with Egg

  • 1 can corned beef hash
  • 2 eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Eggs cooked and ready to eat, yummy

Eggs cooked and ready to eat, yummy

Take a small casserole or oven dish and spread the corned beef hash evenly in it. Punch two holes with a glass or other item for the eggs. Break and put a raw egg in each hole.

Place in oven uncovered for about 30 minutes. It is done when the eggs are ready. Runny yolks are best.




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