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There are four locations in Kuwait City and I didn’t go to any of them. One thing about Kuwait City is I have never seen any city where so many restaurants deliver. Delivery is huge here. I ate four or five meals from Naz, all delivered. I rated this restaurant at two-Maudies and the seemingly large number of times I tried their food was an effort to find something that was really good. It was a mixed bag, but good enough to give it three-Maudies.

Doogh, hummus, flat bread, and house salad

Doogh, hummus, flat bread, and house salad

I am a lamb nut, so my main courses usually had some lamb. I usually also had an appetizer. The typical Kuwaiti salad came with each meal, in this case consisting of small leaf lettuce/greens, lemon, tomato, and onion slices, and the fresh yogurt cheese, labna. This is tasty and on par with the salads at Tanor Al Deera. A very good freshly made plain flat bread also came with each meal.

The appetizers are what gave this restaurant three-Maudies rather than two. All were very good. I tried Kashk Bademjan, consisting of fried eggplant with very caramelized and crunchy fried onions on top, as well as some olive oil and labna. Another one that was excellent was the Nargesi, fried spinach, again with the onion and labna. Their hummus was good, as good as any I had in Kuwait and, like the rest, had no garlic. The fried onion is something I will use myself in the future as a wonderful edible garnish.

The main courses I tried all had three kinds of rice and way too much of it. I guess that is fine, one doesn’t have to eat everything on the plate and I didn’t come close to

Kebab-e barg with three types of rice

Kebab-e barg with three types of rice

finishing the rice. There was a “saffron” rice with sliced almonds, a plain white rice, and a yellow and white rice with some currents. A grilled hot pepper and pickles were on top of the rice. Kuwaiti rice always seems to be quite dry and none of these rice dishes had much flavor.

One main course was Kebab-e Barg, a lamb fillet marinated in olive oil and grilled. It had a nice flavor, you could tell that it was grilled, but the meat was a bit tough. All in all, not bad. I also tried the Mahi Kebab, a grilled hamour fish (Arabian Gulf grouper). Again, it was good, but overcooked and a bit dry. Finally, I tried the Naz Special Mix, basically a mixed grill. This included kubideh, a minced lamb with spices that was flavorful, but a tad dry. It also had dandeh, bareh, and joojeh masty kebabs. The dandeh is a cubed lamb kebab, tasty but a bit tough. Bareh is cubed beef (I think) and joojeh masty is chicken kebabs. As with everything else, it was good, but the dryness kept the meals from being higher rated.

Finally, I tried the Doogh, the traditional yogurt drink one sees all over the Middle East. Essentially, it is watered down yogurt with mint. It came in an empty water bottle, a great idea for delivered meals as nothing spills. It was very good and incredibly filling, I had trouble finishing it.

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