The first challenge is with Peppers. Bobby Flay instructs the finalists to each pick a pepper in a mass dash to the table. This wasn’t necessary, but they get a pepper dish from . This should be


interesting. again Once Gina D is in there unnecessarily (man, I’m never getting on NFNS, am I?).

Those left:
Serena-she is growing on me.
Paul-can’t stand him from the first, he should be gone already
Aarti-my favorite
Das-haven’t liked him from the start, he is a fake persona
Herb-can’t stand him, if I go out to a fine dining restaurant, the last thing I want is healthy πŸ™‚
Tom-he is starting to grow on me, too, good personality
Brianna-another fake persona, don’t care for her even if she is a babe
Aria-she has gone way down in my estimation, trying way too “hard”
Brad-he is likable, I am still neutral on him

Once again, cooking was way too fast, almost nothing shown, they were supposed to create the dish with the pepper and then describe the taste to the camera. This was not a good test, in my opinion. Seems like these first tests are a waste of time from the viewer’s perspective.

Brianna wins this one. Brad should have had this one.


The main challenge is recreation of three chefs’ favorite dishes so it is better than they remember. Teams of three will compete head to head on one of the three dishes.

-lamb and potatoes
-steak and mac and cheese
-fried chicken and iceburg lettuce with blue cheese

This should be a good one and it was. Herb, Das and Serena are up for elimination. I’d like to see Das go this week. I picked it right this time. Das is gone.


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