Chef Estes

Chef Estes

I haven’t had time to comment on The Next Iron Chef: Season 3 yet, but so far it has been great. As weak as this year’s Next Food Network Star’s first few episodes were, this year’s Next Iron Chef has been incredibly good.

This week’s short challenge was 30 minutes to make a snack using pickles. These short challenges are interesting, but I hate the chefs being forced to judge each other. It cheapens an otherwise very serious and high quality competition and show.

The main challenge this week was everyone going fishing and they can only cook what they catch plus can

Chef Tsai

Chef Tsai

use the bait (sardines). This was a terrible challenge, not fair at all and really invalidates the results of this week’s elimination. This is not a realistic test, interesting as it may be. Too bad, I hope that someone who needs to leave gets cut and not one of the deserving chefs. For me, that means that Dumont or Estes need to go this week and hopefully next week will present a level playing field.

Of course, Chef Estes did great on this one. Dumont did not, though. Tsai was disappointing and I was surprised at how poorly Chauhan did. I think Dumont will go, if so, no harm no foul and hopefully no more idiotic challenges in future shows.

Canora wins and Estes came in second. Canora is a top runner, Estes was lucky this week. Dumont and Chauhan were at the bottom and it would be a shame for Chauhan to be eliminated after her earlier successes. Luckily, Chef Dumont will not be the next Iron Chef.

After this week, my take:

Front runners: Canora and Forgione

Bottom of the barrel: Estes and Tsai (and I had him as a front runner previously, but he isn’t living up to expectations and early promise)

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