OrganicAdvocates of organically grown crops often point out all the reasons organic is better than conventional agriculture. From environmentally sound to healthier food, there are really no good reasons to eat conventionally grown foods unless organic is just not available or you can’t afford it. Affordability and supply are both issues.

The benefits of organic are so great that conventional agriculture is threatened to the point that some states have passed “Ag Gag” bills. Pressured and paid off by the agribusiness lobby, state legislatures are enacting some really ridiculous laws. Most recently, a host of states have made it a criminal offense to take photos of factory farms without the owner’s permission. In the past, these photos have been used to demonstrate the cruelty and unsavory practices occurring at factory farms. There are “food disparagement” laws to discourage anyone from claiming that a given food is not healthy on the basis of how it is produced.

The evidence is mounting, as we all know from common sense, that agricultural practices like organic produce healthier food than conventional agriculture and are betterorganic heirloom tomatoes for the planet. The latest scientific evidence I have seen proves that organic tomatoes are better for you than conventionally grown tomatoes. For those of you needing proof, here is just one more example.

A study by the University of Barcelona Natural Antioxidant Group has shown that organic tomatoes contain higher polyphenol content than conventionally grown tomatoes. This is also true for juices and ketchup made from these tomatoes. So, what are polyphenols, you may ask?

Polyphenols are natural antioxidants of plant origin that are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, and some forms of cancer. Sounds like a pretty good reason to use organic tomatoes and products made from them.

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  1. […] Other articles do not attack the researchers, per se, but simply point out the flaws, in this case, the numerous studies demonstrating that many foods, from eggs to meat to tomatoes, have been determined via rigorous academic study, to be better for you nutritionally than industrialized vegetable and fruit, as well as factory farmed meat. Just recently, I reported on a study that demonstrated that organic tomatoes are better than conventionally grown, Organic tomatoes proven better than conventional. […]

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