Just the fact that meat eating has been a consistent part of practically every society known to history and prehistory, including those with specific food prohibitions, such as Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, says to me that humans are meant to eat animal protein. Vegans and vegetarians have no basis in history or prehistory for their practices and, in my opinion, it is unnatural and potentially more unhealthy than a diet with some meat. But, to each his or her own.

But it does remind me of a joke someone once told me, “If God meant people to be vegetarians, he wouldn’t have made animals out of meat.” I think it is funny, your mileage may vary.

Oldest known evidence of anemia caused by a nutritional deficiency

Oldest known evidence of anemia caused by a nutritional deficiency

It may come as a surprise to some that the recent discovery by anthropologists that hominins were eating meat 1.5 million years ago is a big advance in the science of human evolution. The average person is used to seeing the caricature of cavemen with a huge hunk of bone and meat in his hand and mouth.

Yet, earlier ancestors, including relations that still exist, such as Chimpanzees, ate/eat little meat. Our earliest ancestors ate little or no meat that we know of. Until now. Scientists believe that meat eating was essential for hominins to develop the brain capacity that set us apart from other species, including our distant ancestors. Obviously, other animals eat meat, so it is theorized that meat eating coupled with the genetic disposition of hominins led to what we now know as humanity, or homo sapiens. That is huge, if true.

So, how did the anthropologists know that meat eating was taking place 1.5 million years ago? As an anthropologist myself, this is exciting work.

A two-inch skull fragment was found in northern Tanzania, where many other significant finds have been made. It was from a 2-year old child that had porotic hyperostosis associated with anemia. This condition is caused by a meat-eating diet that was suddenly short on meat. And this was a 2-year old child, recall, meaning others were providing his food.

Dr. Musiba, lead scientist, said

the evidence showed that the juvenile’s diet was deficient in vitamin B12 and B9. Meat seems to have been cut off during the weaning process.

“He was not getting the proper nutrients and probably died of malnutrition,” he said.

The study offers insights into the evolution of hominins including Homo sapiens. Musiba said the movement from a scavenger, largely plant-eating lifestyle to a meat-eating one may have provided the protein needed to grow our brains and give us an evolutionary boost.

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  1. Mario Watson says:

    You are most likely wrinkling your nose in disgust at the thought of soy/wheat meat. I thought the same thing when I went vegan in 1996. Isn’t it illogical, though, to believe soy/wheat meat is gross when it’s made of soy, wheat, vegetables, grains and spices? Yet meat, the dismembered corpse of a murdered animal, comprised of blood, flesh, veins, muscles and tendons, is considered delectable. Why isn’t a liquid that oozes out of a cow’s udder considered disgusting, especially when it’s filled with a “somatic cell count” commonly known as pus, with the national average hovering around 350 million pus cells per liter? How about an egg from a hen? Things that come out of a cloaca—the singular hole of a bird’s backside that serves as the poop-hole, pee-hole, vaginal fluid hole and the hole where breakfast comes from—are not sane breakfast choices. If the aforesaid description didn’t convince you that egg-eating is psychotic, maybe a video of a cloaca-in-action will (go to the Chickens, Eggs, and the Free-Range Scam section and watch the clip). What about bee vomit? People love it so much they renamed it honey. Honey comes straight from a bee’s stomach and is regurgitated through the mouth. You can check that out with any wildlife biologist. But people don’t want Bee Vomit Nut Cheerios. They want Honey Nut Cheerios. So they use a nice euphemism instead.

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