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I recently got some cooking things from my mother. Some I remember as a child, others I didn’t know she had. I already had some stuff from my grandmother that I use on a daily basis. Something I wasn’t aware of or, more likely forgotten, was the handmade wooden potato masher that my great-grandmother used.

Wooden Potato Masher

My great-grandma's wooden potato masher

I tried it once and it worked better than some modern mashers I have used, but this is not something to use as it has cracks and I wouldn’t want to damage it. The potato masher type I love today is this one:

Modern Potato MasherThe actual model I have actually was my grandmother’s so I didn’t know this was actually a state of the art design. I always thought the only “modern” potato mashers were the wire types and these are useless, I’d rather use a fork.

Wire Potato Masher

Wire Potato Masher

As you might have noticed, I am a military history buff and I was looking at the wooden masher thinking, I’ve seen this before. Of course, this is the same shape as the German World War II grenade. This grenade was called the “potato masher.”  I had no idea why it had this nickname until now. At least I knew why they called the American World War II grenade the “pineapple.”

German Potato Masher Grenade

German Potato Masher Grenade

American Pineapple Grenade

American Pineapple Grenade - World War II / Vietnam

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