Three-Maudies – good

For the food wasteland that I’ve seen in Fayetteville (can you say franchise restaurants?) this should get 4-stars. We went to Matsui, highly rated on Yelp, but it is closed and for sale, hmmm, not sure what to make of that.

But, I digress. It was a small place in a strip mall on Cliffdale near Skibo (does Fayetteville have anything not near Skibo?).

I had a Bento box, so got a variety of their offerings, tempura, shrimp and veggie, some sushi, miso soup, a salad, and a few other things.

The miso soup was good. Forget the salad, nothing but coarsely cut iceburg lettuce and some shredded carrots. The ginger dressing was merely OK. The tempura was quite nice, there was zucchini, mushroom, sweet potato, brocholli and shrimp. Batter was pretty thin, I’ve had much worse and much better. It was worth eating.

The sushi was fresh, the ahi tuna was very good, as was the yellowtail. The shrimp was OK.

They served “boiled pot stickers,” a nice surprise, as well. I’ll go back here and try some different items. My fellow diner liked what he had, as well.

Sakura Restaurant
5945 Cliffdale Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28314
(910) 868-9400
Click for map

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