Read it and weep

Read it and weep

The federal Senate voted on the bill to require products that contain GMOs to be labeled. The vast majority of Americans want to know what they are eating and have the ability to make a choice in selecting such products. Citizens in over 50 other countries have these very, very simple rights. BUT, not the United States and this vote showed just how much agribusiness is in the pockets of our politicians.

Note: A Yea vote is FOR GMO labeling, a Nay vote is AGAINST GMO labeling. Those voting YEA are heroes. Those voting NAY are scumbags of the vilest order.

The tally came in at 73 NAYS to 26 YEAS and one not voting. If you didn’t vote, you effectively voted NAY and that is where that individual’s name will forever be in my mind.

To the left are the votes by state. Read them and weep Every state with any kind of substantial agricultural industry voted NAY. If there isn’t anything wrong with GMOs as they insist, then why are they scared little babies throwing temper tantrums and not allowing their constituents to know what they are eating. Probably because Monsanto and the other agribusiness giants have a lot more bribe money to throw around than we do. What a system, eh. It makes me sick.

This may look like the vote went down partisan lines but it didn’t. One Republican was brave enough to do the right thing and she is probably catching grief from her colleagues already. But look at how many Democrats voted NAY. Al Franken, for gosh sakes. Many other radically left-wing Democrats also voted NAY when this was a slam dunk YEA vote based on their past records. But, money talks and this issue just wasn’t big enough in their feeble little minds. I mean, ultra liberals like Schumer and Reed voted NAY. I am ashamed of my senators in South Carolina and ashamed that I live in a country where a bill like this could lose, and lose in a landslide.

We all now need to pressure our food suppliers to voluntarily label anything they sell with GMOs, assuming that isn’t made illegal, as well. Then, we need to conduct independent tests to keep them honest. We need to stop buying US corn and soy for sure, in any form. No canola oil either.

This is war, folks. We are losing it for now, but the tide will turn when the true implications of GMOs and US food policies get more and more press. It is already starting. I just hope that it is not too late when we finally have some hope.

Take a look at your Senators. Call or write them a real letter (much more effective that email). If they voted YEA, thank then profusily. If they voted NAY, tell them in a very nice and tactful way they are dirtbags.

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3 Comments on Senators wimp out on GMO labeling bill

  1. Clive says:

    Damn right Virgil. Total corruption.

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