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Shila Korean RestaurantAnother great local find in Fayetteville. I am pretty new to Korean food, but what I’ve had I havShila Korean Restaurante loved. I went with a colleague who is married to a Korean and has lived there, so I had a good guide for this experience.

The staff and owners are very friendly and attentive. They have a lunch buffet (seems like an essential for any restaurant in Fayetteville) and a plain, clean interior.

I had Ohsam bulgoki, pork and squid in a very spicy sauce. The sauce was what I would call a thin and subtle BBQ type sauce with a hint of sweetness. It was perfect and complimented rather than covered up the meat and veggies in the meal. White rice on the side. The pork was wonderfully tender and the squid was also tender, something you rarely see, everyone overcooks it. My friend had a spicy seafood soup (or stew) that was brought to the table still in a rolling boil. He said it was excellent.

One thing I love about Korean meals is the variety of small sides that are served with meals and Shila was no exception in providing these. All were excellent, especially fresh cucumbers in a light sweetened vinegar marinade. We had seconds of that. Also, kimchi, bean sprouts, spinach, a couple turnip/radish/some kind of roots julienned , and mushrooms. All had unique and tasty marinades. The kimchi was not overly spicy.

I’ll be back to try a few different things.


Shila Korean Restaurant
404 Santa Fe Dr Ste 101
Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 860-4800
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  2. Regina says:

    I love Sheilas restaurant as well. They have really good food. However, I am half Korean and speak fluent but look white and they did not know this and talked about me and my family in Korean and then smile at us. It was a little uncomfortable. So if you don’t mind that then Sheilas is the place to go for Korean food.

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