My good friend Lake High (Lake Erie High and, yes, that’s his real name) is president of the South Carolina Barbeque Association and was featured on Tony Bourdain’s show, No Reservations. I love Tony Bourdain’s show most of the time and he and Lake, both characters, got along really well. South Carolina is where real Southern barbeque originated (pork) and we live in the only state that has all four types of barbeque naturally (meaning all four types evolved in four parts of the state as opposed to an outside restaurant moving in with a barbeque style from somewhere else).  South Carolina is the only state with a mustard based sauce, as well as heavy (Kansas City style), vinegar and ketchup-vinegar based. My Favorite is ketchup-vinegar with a lot of vinegar, a thin sauce that is to die for. I’m still perfecting my recipes. My company Acqal Corporation is in the process of completing the new SC Barbeque Association web site, to be launched very soon.

Check out the video of the No Reservations segment with Lake.

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