Stop the Monsanto Protection Act!

Stop the Monsanto Protection Act!

With all the issues surrounding the economy and looming fiscal cliff, people aren’t paying attention to everything going on in Congress. Monsanto and the other GMO producing and pushing companies have suceeded is slipping disastrous riders into pending legislation. The goal is to make it impossible for GMO seeds and crops to be proven safe before they are approved for use. And, of course, help these companies control the seed market and make more money at the expense of consumers. Food Democracy Now! has just put out the following call to action. Please take some time to make the call to your Congressman or woman if you value the quality of your food even a little.

There’s a lot of attention lately given to the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ or the ‘biotech riders’ to the Farm Bill – riders that protect the biotech industry interests while putting our food supply, environment and democracy at risk. Now, with the “fiscal cliff” looming, Monsanto and biotech industry lobbyists have set their sites on the new spending time currently being debated in Congress and are desperately working behind the scenes to make it easier for their GMO crops to be approved. If these riders are not removed from the bill before voting, likely by the end of the year, Monsanto will gain a free pass for future GMO crop approvals.

This is because we recently found out that Monsanto lobbyists have succeeded in slipping Section 733, currently included in the Fiscal Year 2013 Agriculture Appropriations, into the latest omnibus appropriations spending bill that Congress must pass in the final days of the lame duck session. We must stop this back door tactic and tell our Congressional leaders that we want them to stand up for the best interests of the People and stop protecting Biotech Bullies.

This is an outrage and a sign of how desperate and maliscious Monsanto and the biotech industry really are.

Today we need you to make a call to your Representative and ask that they support a “Dear Colleague” letter from Congressman DeFazio (D-OR) to request that this “biotech rider” be dropped from any Omnibus Spending Bill.

Click here to make a call to Congress to Stop the Monsanto Protection Act today! Every voice counts!

According to reports from Congress:

the “biotech rider” would “weaken the ability of the [USDA] and the judicial branch to protect our nation’s agriculture sector.”

As Food Democracy Now! reported earlier, Section 733 is specifically intended to:

  • Prohibit federal courts from imposing reasonable restrictions when a GE crop approval is deemed unlawful and potentially hazardous;
  • Eliminate the critical roles of our most import environmental laws;
  • Remove federal agency discretion over GE crop approvals; and
  • Establish a backdoor approval mechanism for unlawfully approved GE crops

We need your help today to help stop the latest outrage from Monsanto and the biotech industry from undermining our basic democratic rights and slipping new GMO crops into our food system without proper testing and oversite.

Click here to make a call to Congress to Stop the Monsanto Protection Act today! Every voice counts!

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