Failaka is one of the most interesting places I have ever visited. Not the most beautiful, not the most exciting, but certainly worth going to for a unique experience. The island is 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City and accessible via public ferry and private high-speed catamaran ferry. Plan to spend at least […]

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Virgil on August 26, 2012

Turkey, as compared to Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq, uses a lot more “loaf” bread. In the aforementioned countries one sees mainly leavened flat bread (nan) made in a circular oven (see Afghan Flat Bread – Nan-e Afghani Made Traditionally for one type of oven in use by the Afghan National Police at a very remote […]

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Virgil on January 22, 2012

Well, I said I was going to make Kielbasa ze sloika (Kielbasa in a jar) when I went on R & R. I did, the second day I was home. I think it turned out well. As you can see, I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been travelling and during R & R I […]

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Virgil on December 4, 2011

It is interesting to be in Iraq now, to say the least. The soldiers are almost totally gone and the State Dept has taken over. The Army treats US citizen contractors pretty poorly, but we are really second class citizens under State. I love my tax dollars paying elitist government employee salaries. That is all […]

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Virgil on November 23, 2011

I made a comment on Facebook as my wife was getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at home that I was soooo looking forward to the Thanksgiving swill we will get at the mess hall here. Not. Yet, on Monday, our little group had a Thanksgiving dinner I was not expecting and it is some of […]

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Virgil on November 20, 2011

If you have read my posts about the mess halls in Afghanistan, you will know that the food is horrible, penitentiary inmates get better food and would be suing and winning if they got the swill they serve here. Some FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) actually have restaurants. On FOB Ghazni, we have the Oasis Restaurant, […]

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Virgil on November 7, 2011

On my first helicopter flight in Afghanistan, I saw lines of “craters” running across the landscape seemingly everywhere. I had no idea what they were. They were systematic and obviously manmade. They couldn’t have been bomb craters or exploded improvised explosive devices, I thought. My guess was they had something to do with irrigation. I […]

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I got my flight on DFS from Bagram to Dubai on the 14th. One thing about Bagram is the beautiful view of the mountains. When I got there, I saw no snow on the highest peaks and by the morning of the 14th, there was snow. Winter is on the way. I never thought I […]

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Virgil on October 26, 2011

  Big changes have come my way over the past couple of weeks. After six months in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, with infantry units from the Big Red One (1st Infantry Division) and Polish 17th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, I have just arrived in Iraq for a change in job. It was my choice to move. A […]

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Virgil on October 25, 2011

Often those at home in the US who support the troops aren’t aware of or don’t think about the troops there from other countries. In Afghanistan, I spent a lot of time with members of the Polish Army 17th Mechanized Infantry Brigade and made a lot of friends. These are some great guys and my […]

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