We already know that conventionally produced foods are worse than those produced sustainably  although USDA and their agribusiness masters tell us otherwise everyday and even get laws enacted to keep consumers from knowing just how bad the food they buy really are. Regarding beef, we already knew that hamburger contains “pink slime” (see Are Americans finally […]

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Virgil on October 28, 2012

One of the wonderful things about being home from Iraq is the ability to get good food. Regardless of what you think the food tastes like, the food is of the lowest quality possible, I call it sub-institutional level. The contractor gets paid a lot per head per meal, but they get the lowest cost […]

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Virgil on April 15, 2012

Do you ever think about where your food originated? I find it, as an agricultural anthropologist, fascinating. Scientists using DNA genetic technology have now determined that all domestic cattle of every breed are descended from one herd of as few as 80 wild ox, also called aurochs, around 10,500 years ago. This is around the […]

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Virgil on September 10, 2011

I had the chance to eat dinner with a few Afghani policemen recently and it was quite a treat. It was far better than any meal I have had in mess halls in five months. Saying it was better than the mess halls really isn’t saying much, this meal was excellent. Michal and I arrived […]

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Virgil on September 15, 2010

I watched a show called Food Heavens about barbeque yesterday. Funny thing is that, even though they showed it on their schedule, I could find no pages about it. Maybe they knew how screwed up the show was. I wanted to send them an email. There are a few arguable criticisms, but a lot of […]

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Virgil on August 4, 2010

Dinner tonight is as follows: Hebrew National Beef hot dogs Store brand buns Store brand spicy brown mustard Castleberry hot dog chili, canned Store brand sharp cheddar cheese. Not very gourmet but these babies are to die for.

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Virgil on July 9, 2010

I don’t suppose this is really a recipe, but it is of sorts. On the 4th I cooked ribeyes on the grill, used a simple marinade for a couple of hours: soy sauce, honey, garlic powder, and damned if I can remember what else, but not much. The cooked steaks were great, but the extra […]

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Virgil on June 6, 2010

In our family, with lots of English and Irish relatives, Sheppard’s Pie is a serious comfort food. Because of this, when someone is sick, for example, it needs to be done quickly. This recipe may not be the best Sheppard’s Pie ever, but it is quite good and quick. 4 servings Ingredients 1 lb ground […]

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