North Carolina

Virgil on January 16, 2013

Mateo tapas Five Maudies – Highly Recommended My brother-in-law and his wife, Anastasia, introduced me to this unbelievably wonderful restaurant in downtown Durham, North Carolina. I was passing through on my way to Washington, DC. Mateo is a fairly new restaurant and it was packed on a Sunday evening. Reservations are a must any night […]

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Virgil on February 15, 2012

I normally try to keep my politics out of this blog, except for my opposition to genetically modified organisms as foods, environmentally disastrous substances, and destroyers of biodiversity. But, sometimes I have to say something about the absolutely inane things the government does. I don’t like big government and I don’t like the reduction in our […]

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Now, I normally wouldn’t be ordering barbeque from  Hard Rock Cafe. But this one is in Kuwait City. No alcohol or pork, of course, those are illegal here. I did see camel meat in the local Carrefour here though, no joke. From the cuts, you get a lot of meat out of a camel. But […]

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4-Maudies – Recommended This restaurant is in a small strip mall with two other outstanding restaurants, Bombay Central and Sakura (see my review of Sakura). Some of the best German food I’ve had outside of Germany. This is a small place and also a bakery. The bakery had a relatively small selection of items, but […]

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5-Maudies – Highly Recommended Another great local find in Fayetteville. I am pretty new to Korean food, but what I’ve had I have loved. I went with a colleague who is married to a Korean and has lived there, so I had a good guide for this experience. The staff and owners are very friendly […]

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Virgil on February 28, 2011

5-Maudies – Highly Recommended says this restaurant is closed. First – this restaurant IS NOT CLOSED. I went there today for lunch. Second, there is a 5-star filtered review that should not have been filtered. I don’t rate many places 5-stars, but this one deserves it. This is a small local restaurant run by […]

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Virgil on February 21, 2011

Three Maudies – good This is good standard US Mexican restaurant fare. The margaritas are really good. The staff is very friendly. This restaurant is near my training location and the class has gone here a few times. Prices are very reasonable and food is good, if predictable. There are a few Mi Casita’s in […]

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Virgil on February 21, 2011

Two Maudies – don’t bother This O’Charley’s is bizarre. The only reason I gave it two stars is the staff is friendly and really tries, even if they get everything wrong in my experience. Not sure if there is more than one of these franchise restaurants in town, but this one is at: 1498 Skibo […]

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Virgil on February 2, 2011

Three-Maudies – good For the food wasteland that I’ve seen in Fayetteville (can you say franchise restaurants?) this should get 4-stars. We went to Matsui, highly rated on Yelp, but it is closed and for sale, hmmm, not sure what to make of that. But, I digress. It was a small place in a strip […]

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Five-Maudies: Highly recommended Going to this restaurant was by accident. I’m training in Fayetteville getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan and most of the class goes out to lunch together. None of us have a clue about restaurants here. The lead car was looking for a pizza place and his GPS found it, but was […]

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