Note: I recently ran across this article I wrote in 1998. I have intentionally not revised it and offer it now (2017) as an historical document that is much more relevant today than it should be. 20 years ago, genetically engineered food was a threat and, today, it still is, and continues to be a […]

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Virgil on February 7, 2014

Dow Chemical, the company that brought us Napalm and Agent Orange, is now in the food business and is pushing for approval of genetically engineered (GE) versions of corn and soybeans that are designed to survive repeated dousing with 2,4-D, half of the highly toxic chemical mixture Agent Orange. USDA is on-board with Dow and […]

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Last week, a Stanford University study was published which got way more press that one would expect. For example, you can read one article written just after the study’s release in the New York Times: Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce. Essentially, the study claims that organic products are not […]

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Virgil on May 4, 2012

The sign in a grocery store that started the viral campaign Back in December, I reported about The Cornucopia Institute’s report on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticide residue in Kashi and other brands claiming to be “all natural,” etc. See ‘Natural’ doesn’t mean natural or organic or good.’ This is just not something that […]

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Virgil on December 12, 2011

Naked Juice Company has been sued for false advertising I have always known that a label or marketing phrase claiming that a food product is ‘natural’ has no meaning and certainly doesn’t mean a food that has no chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMO), or otherwise nasty stuff. All you have to do is look at labels to […]

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