Virgil on October 28, 2012

One of the wonderful things about being home from Iraq is the ability to get good food. Regardless of what you think the food tastes like, the food is of the lowest quality possible, I call it sub-institutional level. The contractor gets paid a lot per head per meal, but they get the lowest cost […]

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Five-Maudies – Highly Recommended We have been going to Edisto Island for more years than I care to remember and never noticed this place. It is attached to a gas station convenience store, not the best place for a BBQ joint. We noticed their sign last time we drove by. It is located on the […]

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Virgil on June 13, 2012

This post was originally going to be about survival cooking. Survival in the sense of trying to occasionally find an alternative to mess hall food here in Iraq. I will say that the mess hall where I am run by KBR USA is a lot better than when the Army was contracting with KBR UK. […]

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by  James Langcuster When the going gets tough, the tough…go hunting. As strange as it may seem to some city dwellers, the solution for getting through these tough economic times may be as close as the backwoods, according to a couple of wildlife experts at Auburn University. “Living of off the fat of the land […]

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Virgil on October 28, 2010

The State of the American Palate Part 2 read The State of the American Palate Part 1 I had a great lunch today with my good friend Lake High, president of the South Carolina Barbeque Association. I have been bugging him for months to try out the Central Savannah River Area’s (CSRA – Augusta GA, […]

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Virgil on June 18, 2010

I posted a tweet a few days ago that I was going to attempt to slow cook (smoke) some pork loin using a regular grill. I asked you to wish me luck Well, this actually turned out quite nicely, although I am not sure I would try it again, too many difficult to control variables. […]

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